7 Affordable Summer Gift Ideas

7 Affordable Summer Gift Ideas

Are you racking your brains for a summer gift for someone? It’s no use consulting your old Christmas catalogues for ideas because they were geared to winter, whereas you’ll want to give something appropriate for fine, sunny days.Here are six summer gift types that anyone, young or old, would welcome. If you order online, none of these need cost you more than $15, with careful browsing and selection.

1. An Orbitz Car Rental Coupon

What better way to celebrate the summer than to have a road trip? You can grab a b1g1 car rental coupon from Orbitz, choose a car you’ve always wanted to drive, and then head out on an adventure. Convertible maybe?

2. An Educational Degree!

In the summer comes sleepy days where you can catch up on correspondence courses. You could offer someone an EDX membership to help them get a verified certificate. This is a cool way to show that you believe in them. Sure you could read summer-thrillers on the beach. Why not read something to feed your mind?

3. A kite

There’s nothing like a kite to turn a stroll in the park into a memorable event. You’ll find all sorts of bright, beautiful and even comical designs to choose from, and also some easy-to-use versions for children. A kite is light and compact to travel with, but can also be flown from the doorstep, and the slightest breeze should set it sailing.

4. A fruit infuser water bottle

Natural water is said to be the most refreshing drink of all, but a hint of fresh fruit can make it even better. A fruit infuser is a simple, safe item, suitable for all ages, and offers the fun of choosing and chopping up your favourite fruits for blending in. Then there’s the pleasure of sipping your cool, delicate infusion through the day from its stay-fresh, insulating flask. Fruit infuser water bottles come in assorted colours, so check out your friend’s favourite.

5. A ball game

If the person you’re buying for is keen on ball games, how about treating them to a new one, such as quoits, boules or scoop? For children, a simple bat and ball set, with plastic bats and brightly coloured softballs, is sure to go down well. A very young child will be content with a ball on its own – perhaps a large, inflatable beach ball for kicking, or a collection of smaller foam balls for handling. Look out for ones with funny faces on for extra appeal.

6. A cap or hat

Sunhats are vital for hot days, but they often get lost or marked, so you can’t have too many. Consider the recipient’s likely style preferences to narrow down your search. Would they prefer a baseball cap or a straw hat, for instance, and would they want a quiet design or a flamboyant one? If you’re buying for someone young or pale-skinned, it would be helpful to choose a hat with a flap over the neck to keep the sun off.

7. Light sandals 

A pair of flip-flops or slip-on sandals will make a great summer gift. Being light and easy to slide on and off, they’ll add to that special, free-and-easy feel of the season. If the person you have in mind is heading to the seaside this summer, waterproof ones would be a bonus.

When you think terms of gifts this summer, the mind may seize up, but as soon as you start dreaming about fine, summer days on the lawn or by the sea, all sorts of ideas will pop up. Whoever is to be the lucky recipient, remember to check out their hobbies and preferences first, and their size as need be, for that ideal gift choice.